Probably most peoples first shooting experience is with an air rifle or air pistol and air weapons are the most usual reason that people first come to the club.

Air weapons can be relatively inexpensive and even very high quality pellets can cost as little as 1 penny each.

With the observance of a few basic safety rules the provide a very safe and enjoyable way into shooting for what can be a small financial outlay, or for those for those who wish to go further, an absorbing and very challenging range of disciplines.

The club has a number of good quality pre-charged air rifles that are available for members to use free of charge.

The main air weapons disciplines practiced at Keighley are

Sporting Air Rifle

Bench Rest

Match Air Rifle

Match Air Pistol

Click on these links for a full description of what these entail and the equipment used for each.


Air Weapons

The Keighley indoor range set up for 10 meter and 20 yard air rifle shooting